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Motorcycle Ride Reports

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Welcome to Motorcycle Ride Reports (aka Jon's Motorcycle Podcast)Here you'll find stories experienced from the seat of a motorcycle.

Check out Episode #1:  I'm just a guy who likes motorcycles a lot. See if you're interested in my style of podcast!

Photo Credit: Peter Beens

Premiere Podcasts:

Episode 1: I'm just a guy who likes motorcycles a lot.

Episode 2: You never forget your first... SaddleSore 1000 that is.

Episode 3:   "The Grander": My second SaddleSore 1000 ride report.

More Episodes...


Problems getting the mp3's?  Questions?  Comments?  Ideas? Ride Reports to share?

Email me:  jon@motorcyclistpodcast.com

Attention Podcast Listeners:

I have currently suspended production of new audio ride reports for podcast distribution.  I am continuing to audio record my adventures and keeping journals.  Perhaps I'll share more stories in the future.  Please enjoy what I have shared. Ride safe and often.


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